How To Ensure Your Child Has A Successful Start To School

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Kindergarten, Melbourne Juniors Child Care Centre, Preston VIC

Starting school can be an exciting, though often overwhelming experience for young children and their families. At Melbourne Juniors our kindergarten program is designed so your child develops the required cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills to ensure their transition into primary school is as smooth as possible. 
We currently have limited spaces available and would love to give your family a tour of our beautiful centre. We can discuss your child's school readiness and other tips to ensure a smooth transition from kindergarten to primary school.

Cognitive Skills

At Melbourne Juniors we believe young children learn best through play. It’s the basic ingredient to learning, develops new skills, and stimulates intellectual growth. Therefore, our emergent curriculum centres around uninterrupted learning and play time.
“During play children acquire and use language, form and test scientific hypotheses, negotiate, problem-solve and develop key mathematical ideas. These are essential skills for learning and preparing for the school environment” - Dr Kirsty Goodwin. 
Here are some great tips from Dr Goodwin on what parents can do at home to develop their child's cognitive skills: 
  • Look for opportunities for “teachable moments” in everyday experiences, like cooking and shopping (counting/measuring/recognising shapes/letters/numbers).  
  • Read books together and ask questions to ensure the child has understood.
  • Sing songs and nursery rhymes, discussing rhyming and unfamiliar words.
  • Be positive about learning maths/science/literacy. Praise your child’s efforts, even if they have the wrong answer.

Social & Emotional Skills

Children need to develop confidence and resilience to be successful learners. At Melbourne Juniors your child will be playing with other children and working on collaborative activities in the classroom. This is an ideal way to prepare your child for a successful start to school. What's more as Melbourne Juniors offers long day care, your child will be used to the longer days once primary school is in full swing.
To develop your child's social and emotional skills at home Dr Goodwin suggests parents can:
  • Model and praise confidence. 
  • Discuss how you can ‘bounce back’ from adversities. Support your child when they experience disappointment.
  • Encourage children’s efforts - focus on the process and not the final result.
  • Develop your child’s emotional vocabulary to help them explain how they are feeling.

Physical Skills

Children need to develop a range of gross and fine motor skills before starting to school. Our classrooms are frequently rearranged and new activities introduced to enhance your child's learning and develop fine motor skills. While our beautiful outdoor spaces have lots of activities to choose from, like climbing frames, bike and hoops to focus on large muscle development. Or gardening, water and sand play to foster your child’s natural curiosity. 
You can help your child's develop their physical skills by encouraging them to take calculated risks.  You can also play games and activities together where they use their hands and get moving.
We encourage positive communication between our child care centre, families, children and their chosen primary school. We currently have limited spaces available at Melbourne Juniors and would love to give your family a tour of our beautiful centre. Our wonderful educators would be happy to discuss our kindergarten program, your child's school readiness and other tips to help ensure a smooth transition from kindergarten to primary school.