The Program

At Melbourne Juniors, we believe the program needs to:

  • Be developmentally appropriate and caring
  • Be concerned with every aspect of each child’s development
  • Reflect the multicultural nature of our Australian society
  • Be challenging, interesting, and varied, providing lots of choices
  • Involve parents in its planning, implementation and evaluation
“Influenced by this belief, the child is beheld as beautiful, powerful, competent, creative, curious, and full of potential and ambitious desires.” – Valarie Hewitt

The programs encourages children to:

  • Makes choices
  • Develop creative abilities
  • Problem solve
  • Negotiate and cooperate with others

Children learn best through a play based program focusing on their individual interests, strengths and needs. While establishing routine is important for children to develop independence and self esteem, the program acknowledges that all children are unique individuals and need to be nurtured within a flexible environment. There are known ages and stages of child development; but not all children go through these at the same age, time or rate.


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