Music & Movement Program

Music & Movement Program Music & Movement Program

Magical Days Kindy Dancing is a Creative Movement Music and Dance Programme specifically designed for children aged 1-5 years who attend Melbourne Juniors.

MDKD is loved by both little boys and girls and has been operating across Melbourne for a number of years. Children will 'wiggle' and 'giggle' as they progress every week through the 27 themed classes. The Early Years Learning Framework has been used to target learning outcomes, and a parent information sheet (children's colouring in sheet) is given to the child to show parents and caregivers. Most importantly they will have FUN!

Some of the themes we have are: Dreamtime 'Indigenous Reflection', Stranger Danger, Water Safety, Fairies and Pixies, Circus Skills, Spooky Wooky Skeletons Body Education, I Get Ready for School.....just to name a few!

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Hey Dee Ho runs a music program at Melbourne Juniors. Each week different subjects and themes are presented in a fun and multi sensory experience which engages children's natural curiosity and nurtures their cognitive development, fine and gross motor skills, creativity and well being.

Hey Dee Ho we are very passionate about music. Not only does it provide great pleasure and comfort to many people, but it is a proven tool that stimulates learning, thereby providing a key to unlock potential.

In partnership with the ‘Australian Institute of Music and Childhood Development’, and in alignment with the ‘Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (Belonging, Being & Becoming)’, Hey Dee Ho have set up a curriculum to ensure that our program is presented to maximise learning outcomes.

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