Our delicious menu has been specially designed to ensure even the fussiest eaters grow to love food. We have a 6 week rotating menu to offer variety and balance and can cater for any special requirements your child may have. Lunch is always a hot meal eaten together at the communal dining tables and takes advantage of the best seasonal produce.


We understand that mornings can be a busy time for many families, so we offer children a choice of cornflakes, rice bubbles or weetbix with milk for breakfast. So you can drop off your child and get on with your day, knowing that they are well cared for with a full tummy.

Morning Tea

Morning tea is a light snack to keep the children full of energy so their minds and bodies are active and alert. We offer fresh fruit, raisin toast, or wholemeal toast with jam, honey or vegemite.


Our delicious hot lunches include:
Spaghetti & meatballs with hidden veg
Creamy chicken & mushroom ragout
Pumpkin & chick pea curry with rice
Creamy tuna pasta with hidden veg
Chicken wings, mashed potato & veg
Homemade pizza with various toppings

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is something tasty and healthy to tide your child over until dinner time. We offer a variety of snacks in the rotating menu, including vegetable sticks with crackers and avocado, hommus and tzatziki dips, coconut bread, fresh fruit and apple cake.


The babies will enjoy an age appropriate delicious menu of seasonal fruit and vegetable purees. At snack time it’s finger foods to help develop their dexterity and fine motor skills. We also have a special area to prepare a bottle of expressed breast milk or formula for your baby.