At Melbourne Juniors we are committed to providing a high quality service that meets the needs and interest of all children and families. We endeavour to create a learning environment which challenges and celebrates the Reggio Emilia-inspired approach.

Reggio Emilia is a philosophical approach to working with children which has been developed by educators in the Reggio Emilia region of Italy. Evolving over decades, this distinctive and innovative approach to child development respects the rights of children and is based on the image of children as capable and having tremendous potential.

“Children have a hundred worlds to discover, a hundred worlds to invent, a hundred worlds to dream”- Loris Malaguzzi

We believe that building a positive, collaborative relationship with parents and families is key to your child’s development. Our educators are able to support you in your parenting role by sharing knowledge of your child’s interests, skills and needs. We can also provide up to date research on play based learning, child education and much more.

You will be invited to participate in the daily program, rostered tasks, special event days, and also to have discussions and provide feedback on a regular basis. Daily Journals, notices, individual portfolios and newsletters are on display to help make the learning that is happening visible to families and the wider community.

Communication Is Key

You’ll find the weekly program for each group displayed in your child’s room. If you would like to know about the goals and plans for your child, your teacher would love to discuss it with you.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or concerns we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to have a chat when you drop off your child, or we can arrange for a meeting time that suits.


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