How To Make An Enchanted Fairy Garden

How To Make An Enchanted Fairy Garden How To Make An Enchanted Fairy Garden

At Melbourne Juniors we follow the Reggio Emilia philosophy, where the environment is considered the children's "third teacher". Our beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces are designed to create a sense of wonder and enrich your child's creativity and imagination. We frequently rearrange the classrooms and introduce new activities and spaces, often using recycled materials or things found in nature.

Today's blog gives our wonderful families some tips on how to create a fairy garden at home. It's easy and cost effective by using things you will probably have floating around the house.

How To Make A Fairy Garden

Step 1 - Use some wood/bricks/books to create a small platform.

Step 2 - Drape a colourful sheet/towel/sarong over the platform.

Step 3 - Place a large block of wood in the middle, you can paint a door and windows if you are feeling extra creative.

Step 4 - Collect some rocks/big marbles/crystals/interesting wood and place them around the edge of your fairy garden. You can even paint the rocks for a bit of extra sparkle. Make a little path using the rocks.

Step 5 - You can use some flowers from the garden and little dolls or toys to decorate.

Step 6 - Enjoy your time playing with your little ones. They will love it!

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